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As an established third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we’ve got the answers you need. From supply chain management to warehouse operations, we offer a wide range of services to both commercial and industrial clients.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

At KMG, we offer a multitude of flexible, efficient, and cost-effective Ecommerce Fulfillment solutions to exceed the needs of our clients!
  • Tri-Temp Ecommerce Fulfillment (Ambient, Refrigerated, & Frozen)
  • Unit Level Bundling & Kitting
  • Unit Level Bundling & Kitting
  • Direct API Integration

LTL Freight Forwarding

Looking for a new method of product transportation? Our extensive LTL Freight Forwarding experience makes scheduling and fulfillment a breeze!

  • Access to KMG's Discounted LTL Freight Quotes
  • LTL PO Fulfillment (Case Pick to Pallet, Full Pallet Picks)
  • Tri-Temp Storage (Ambient, Refrigerated, & Frozen)
  • View & Download Digital Copies of POs/BOLs via KMG's Brand Portal
Warehouse Consulting Services

With a wide range of Consulting Services available, KMG can offer the support needed to grow and develop you business. Reach even your most challenging goals with KMG!

Our Consulting Services include:

• WMS Implementation Services

• SOP Guidance & SOP Development

• Warehouse Layout Services

• Special Project Management

• Warehouse Layout Services

Special Project Management

At KMG, our dedication to the success of our clients doesn't end at simple logistics, here your business will find the support and expertise needed to thrive!

Our Special Project Management Services include:

• Costco Pallet Assembly

• Market Place Onboarding (Walmart, Amazon, Zulily, etc.)

• Inbound/outbound consolidation strategies with distributors like KeHE, UNFI, DOT Foods, etc.

• Ecommerce Freight Optimization

• Interim Warehouse Leadership

Training & Certification Services

KMG now offers safety training and certification services to our clients and their employees! Ensure you reach your business goals while maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for your team!

Our Training & Certification Services Include:

• Forklift Certification

• General Warehouse Safety Training

• Interim Warehouse Leadership

• Liability & Safety Audits

• Warehouse Efficiency Audits


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